Binaural beats are an audio technology that promote optimal brainwave states. These audio tracks contain a unique blend of Delta and Theta waves which can be used to enhance your meditation, prepare for better sleep, or calm and refocus your mind throughout the day.



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Binaural Beats for Deep Work


Binaural Beats for Meditation


Hello, I'm Cory.

I am an authorpodcast hostmeditation teacher, and audio engineer from Austin. I've been studying, writing, and producing music for over 15 years. I've taught thousands of people how to meditate with clear and concise methods in my online meditation course Release Into Now. On my podcast The Astral Hustle, I discuss human experience with leading experts in neuroscience, mindfulness, and philosophy. I also recently finished writing a book called Now is the Way that will be published by Penguin Random House in 2019. 


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What makes this music functional? 

Our brainwaves change in speed based on what we’re experiencing in life. When we’re resting, our brain enters a slow Theta state. When we’re bouncing around the office completing daily tasks, our brain enters a faster Beta state. We don’t naturally have control of our brainwave states, but binaural beats can help brainwaves shift into optimal states.

Binaural beats work by playing one specific tone in one ear and a slightly different tone in the other. The difference of these sound waves cause an audio phenomenon called Beating. This sound “beating” vibrates at the same speed as the desired brainwaves. The brain takes the form of the desired brainwave state as it attempts to make up the difference in beating tones. Have a listen to the beating entrainment tones with no music, and try taking out one headphone at a time to see if you can hear the phenomenon. 



“My mind has become clearer and I feel more focused. These beautiful tools gave my meditation a depth and calm that I had not experienced before.”

“These binaural beats have been invaluable to me. I use them everyday to center myself.”

“I’m amazed. The binaural beats made me feel like I was floating. It was powerful and rejuvenating.”

“These binaural beats have become the soundtrack to my entire life.”

“My mind is usually racing when it's time for bed. I began using these binaural beats before bedtime and noticed that my mind calmer and my quality of sleep is better.”

“These binaural beats transport me to a mind bubble where all of my thoughts are sharp and have clarity.”

“No one can touch Cory's mastery of binaural beats. I’ll be listening to these tracks for years to come."

“These binaural beats have helped grow and become more focused.”

“The vibration of the binaural beats reverberates through my entire being sending me into an amazing meditative state.”