Welcome to The Astral Hustle, where Cory Allen talks to himself and his friends about the nature of being and the magic of reality.

#76 Liam Wilson

Apr 17, 2017

I’m joined on TAH by The Dillinger Escape Plan bassist Liam Wilson! We talk about music for a while, then drop anchor through the fabric of the cosmos. We explore ideas about humans as arteries of the divine, the logical chaos of the universe, and a continuous river of timeless non-local knowing. 

The book Liam recommended is called ‘Wild’ by Jay Griffiths.


#75 Michael Garfield

Apr 10, 2017

I’m joined on TAH by Future Fossils host Michael Garfield. We talk about the internet rewiring our brains, removing idea viruses from the computer of the self, and a huge spectrum of other future-topic fantasies.

#74 Shane Mauss

Apr 4, 2017

On this episode of TAH I’m joined by comedian Shane Mauss. We talk about the role of technology in social evolution and what Shane has learned from talking to scientists from around the world.

The intro/outro music is Dreamland by Jonwayne

#73 Live from LA with Daniele Bolelli, Zach Leary, and Michael Phillip at Mind/Wave

Mar 27, 2017

On this special episode Daniele Bolelli, Zach Leary, Michael Phillip and I rock a LIVE podcast at Mind/Wave LA. We talk about spiritual materialism, avoiding delusion on the path of awakening, and raising awareness of your own perception.

The intro/outro music is The Bird by Anderson Paak

#72 Zach Leary

Mar 20, 2017

On this TAH, I’m joined by It’s All Happening host Zach Leary. We talk about lucid dreaming, the evolution of global politics, and cutting away cultural distractions to awaken inner peace.

The intro/outro music is The Warning Talk (Pt. 1) by David Axelrod

#71 Josh Russell

Mar 13, 2017

Molecular and Cell Biology PhD and dear friend Josh Russell joins TAH to melt our brains with his micro-world wisdom. We talk about cell vesicles communicating like wifi, the possibility of our gut flora being an alien invasion, worms achieving immortality by giving birth to themselves, and the origin of life.

The intro/outro music is Love’s a Real Thing by Super Eagles

#70 Michael Phillip

Mar 7, 2017

Third Eye Drops host Michael Phillip joins me in Austin for a meat-suit Earth rotation celebration. We talk about our new theory for the birth of the universe, finding existential peace through accepting your own oblivion, and the mystery of free will.

The intro/outro music is High Demand by Future

#69 Stars and Scars

Feb 27, 2017

On this TAH solocast I talk about being reborn through resistance, the discovery of the Trappist-1 star system, and waking up to the realization that the path we walk is the destination we seek.

The intro/outro music is L’hotel Particulier by Serge Gainsbourg

#68 Hamilton Souther

Feb 22, 2017

On this TAH I’m joined by my dear friend Hamilton Souther. We talk about Hamilton’s reflections on the 15 year anniversary of Blue Morpho, tracking internal growth to the edge of awareness, and the wisdom of laughter.

The intro/outro music is Believe by Q-Tip

#67 Conner Moore

Feb 13, 2017

On this TAH I’m joined by Pleasure Monkey podcast host and Onnit project manager Conner Moore. We talk about changing negative perspectives through gratitude, continuing growth by flowing with the shifts of life, and a demystified approach to meditation.

The intro/outro music is New Romantic by Andy Stott

#66 Aubrey Marcus

Feb 6, 2017

On this TAH I’m joined by psychedelic pathfinder Aubrey Marcus. We talk about decoding symbolic projections of our subconscious, breaking linearity by slicing time fractals, and balancing on the wobbling center of divine polarities.

The intro/outro music is Won’t Do by J Dilla

#65 John F Simon Jr

Jan 31, 2017

On this TAH I’m joined by artist and mindfulness teacher John F Simon Jr for a philosophical snowball of a conversation. We talk about seeing consciousness beyond the human perspective, reality as a melted cassette tape, quantum entanglement, and his book Drawing Your Own Path.

The intro/outro music is Root In 7/4 Plus by Maulawi

#64 Amanda Sage

Jan 23, 2017

On this episode of TAH I’m joined by artist Amanda Sage. In this kaleidoscopic exchange of brain vibrations we talk about humans waking up to their inherited behaviors, negative emotions as compost, seeing beyond normalcy, and psychedelic ponchos!

The intro/outro music is Zodiac Shit by Flying Lotus

#63 Matt Xian

Jan 17, 2017

On this episode of TAH I’m joined Matt Xian of Timewheel. We talk about the roll technology is playing in the consciousness renaissance, music as a spiritual experience, and the power of community.

The intro/outro music is Microcosm by Something Fiction

#62 Now is Now

Jan 9, 2017

It’s the return of the solocast! I talk about consensus reality being an illusion and finding liberation from our monkey-mind mechanisms through objective thinking.

The intro/outro music is Flower Strewing by People

#61 Hamilton Souther

Jan 3, 2017

I’m joined by master shaman Hamilton Souther. We talk about developing peace from the inside out, the bizarreness of child birth, embracing who you are, and the importance of openness.

The intro/outro music is I Want Your Love So Bad by Darondo

This episode is sponsored by Eat Dream Be

#60 Noah Lampert & Michael Phillip

Dec 27, 2016

I’m joined by Synchronicity host Noah Lampert and Third Eye Drops host Michael Phillip where we melt our brains into a singular stream of cosmic knowing. We chat about shredding spiritual materialism with laughter, following our callings, and the power of keeping it real! 

The intro/outro music is Easy Rider by Action Bronson

This episode is sponsored by Eat Dream Be

#59 Simon Haiduk

Dec 19, 2016

On this episode of TAH I’m joined by visionary artist Simon Haiduk. We talk about humans seeking symbols of themselves to identify their reality, the importance of openness, and waking up to universal connectivity.

The intro/outro music is Maiysha by Miles Davis

This episode is sponsored by Eat Dream Be.

#58 Chor Boogie + Elizabeth Bast

Dec 12, 2016

On this episode of TAH I’m joined by Chor Boogie and Elizabeth Bast. We talk about Chor’s artistic process, past addiction and Elizabeth’s book which recounts their healing journey that led them to Africa where they took part in an Iboga ceremony with the Bwiti tribe.

The intro/outro music is Lufuala Ndonga by Konono N°1

This episode is sponsored by Eat Dream Be

#57 Brian Ramisch

Dec 5, 2016

I’m joined by my friend Brian Ramisch where we talk about the absurdity of consensus reality, humans wrestling with the idea of oblivion, and how the internet has become a mirror for the soul.

The intro/outro music is ‘Colors’ by Pharoah Sanders

#56 Michael Phillip

Nov 28, 2016

I’m joined by Third Eye Drops host Michael Phillip where we talk about using daily rituals to heighten potential, staying real while sharing ideas on consciousness, and fasting in order to appreciate food. 

Part 2 of this conversation continues on Third Eye Drops!

The intro/outro music is ‘Sleepless’ by Andy Stott

#55 Kevin Kaiser

Nov 21, 2016

I’m joined by bestselling author Kevin Kaiser where we talk about deprogramming inherited behaviors, waking up to a deeper reality, and our newly released collaborative project 1PointedLife.    

The intro/outro music is ‘Arthur's Birds’ by Teebs

#54 Daniele Bolelli

Nov 14, 2016

I’m joined by philosopher and writer Daniele Bolelli where we wrestle with the idea of our own deaths and speak on how critical it is to be real in an age of illusion.

The intro music is Mobius by A Tribe Called Quest

#53 Yoshino

Nov 7, 2016

I’m joined by Artist Decoded host Yoshino where we talk about art waking people up to new realities, overcoming the challenges of being a working artist, and how compulsive creative insanity can mature into a focused and disciplined path.

The intro/outro music is V-Proc by Autechre

#52 Hamilton Souther

Oct 31, 2016

I’m joined by Master Shaman Hamilton Souther where we talk about planetary subjectivity, staying authentic while expanding consciousness, and his new institute called White Morpho.

The intro/outro music is Fire Ant by Bibio

#51 John F Simon Jr

Oct 24, 2016

I’m joined by artist and teacher John F Simon Jr where we talk about using mindfulness as a form of creative divination, the unfolding of the artistic journey, and his new book Drawing Your Own Path.

The intro/outro music is Journey in Satchidananda by Alice Coltrane

#50 Alexandre Tannous

Oct 17, 2016

I’m joined by ethnomusicologist Alexandre Tannous where we talk about awakening awareness with sound frequencies, preserving the sacred and the importance of staying focused in a world of distraction.

The intro/outro music is Din Ya Sugri by Christie Azumah And Uppers International

#49 David Heti

Oct, 10, 2016

I’m joined by comedian David Heti where we talk about his album ‘It Was OK’, dig deep into the philosophy of art, and unpack how humans define meaning! 

The intro/outro music is A Piece For Brother Weldon by Yesterdays New Quintet

You can get 'It Was OK' from David, on iTunes, and as a video.

#48 Noah Lampert

Oct 4, 2016

I’m joined by Synchronicity host Noah Lampert where we talk about spaceophilia, how death makes life meaningful, and ancient concepts arising from the subconscious mind.

The intro/outro music is Bad Actors by Flying Lotus

#47 Michael Phillip

Sep 26, 2016

I’m joined by Third Eye Drops host Michael Phillip where we talk about corpse meditation, dealing with oblivion and the evolution of human communication!

The intro/outro music is Black Satin by Miles Davis

#46 Cory Reads Cory

Sep 16, 2016

On this special episode I read mindfulness writings from my Facebook page accompanied by brain rubbing music!

The intro/outro music is I Really Love You by Dee Dee Sharp

#45 Seed of Intention

Sep 2, 2016

I talk about the magic of the Rothko Chapel, William Burroughs’ darkness, and the power of setting your intention!

The intro/outro music is Slipping Into Darkness by Dayton Sidewinders

#44 Kelly MacLean

Aug 18, 2016

Comedian and podcaster Kelly MacLean joins me to talk about how comedy overlaps with mindfulness, the origin of laughter, and the infinite echo of the human condition!

Check out The Tao of Comedy

The intro/outro music is Nom Samai Mai by Saknatee Srichiangmai


Release Into Now

Aug 11, 2016

I talk about my new online meditation course Release Into Now and how to deal with the stress of life!

The intro/outro music is La Negra Kulenge by Abelardo Carbono y Su Conjunt

We Are Human, After All

Aug 4, 2016

I talk about common struggles people have with mindfulness and drawing an embryo self-portrait!

The intro/outro music is Yaz Gazeteci Yaz by Selda

Death Ceremonies and Earth Cycles

Jul 28, 2016

I talk about the cyclical nature of the Earth, Tibetan sky funerals, and how the contexts of the way we perceive the world are hilarious.

The intro/outro music is Tumu Pakara by Francis Bebey



Existential Paralysis

Jul 21, 2016

I talk about getting trapped in a state of existential paralysis and how
I popped out of the meta-cycle!

The intro/outro music is O Caminho Do Bem by Tim Maia

Art by Ryan Hewett



The Catacombs Of Our Mind

Jul 13, 2016

I talk about the power of perception and how to avoid getting lost in the catacombs of our mind by putting what we’ve learned about mindfulness into action!

The intro/outro music is Players of the Game by Quasimoto



One Pointed Mind

Jul 5, 2016

I talk about mental toughness, cultivating a one pointed mind, and managing the kaleidoscope of thoughts which run through our brains. 

The intro/outro music is Two Can Win by J Dilla

Image from Aronofsky's The Fountain



Kevin Kaiser

Jun 28, 2016

Friend and best-selling author Kevin Kaiser joins me to talk about turning your passion into a career, quantum mechanics and the nature of existence.

The intro/outro music is Musicawi Silt by The Daktaris

Check Kevin out at https://kevinkaiser.co



The Eagle Will Always Kill The Snake

Jun 16, 2016

I talk about slicing the space-time continuum and respecting the horizon of our perception.  

The intro/outro music is Danse Fambeaux by Dr John

Image by Sneaky Studios



Shattering the Mirror of Illusion

Jun 6, 2016

I connect La Monte Young’s ideas on music to life and talk about cutting to the core of mindfulness by honoring your own thoughts!

The intro/outro music is There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) by Sun Ra

Image by Igor Morski



Jon Mueller

May 23, 2016

I’m joined by my friend Jon Mueller to talk about his incredible new record Tongues, how we find meaning in art, and the deeper levels of the creative process.

The intro/outro music is What I Thought You Said from the album Tongues by Jon Mueller

Check out all of Jon's work at Rhythmplex.



Brian Ramisch

May 16, 2016

I’m joined by my dear friend Brian Ramisch, where we talk about our paths of self-awakening, navigating the illusion of reality, and the universe having anxiety about itself. 

The intro/outro music is Caboclo by Arthur Verocai

Check out Brian here: http://www.brianramassage.com



Mitch Schultz

May 9, 2016

I’m joined by filmmaker Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule] to talk about his new film and how human consciousness fits into the continued unfolding of the universe!

The intro/outro music is Space is the Place by Sun Ra



Lawrence English

May 2, 2016

I’m joined by Australian composer, ROOM40 label boss and fringe field recordist Lawrence English. We talk about how philosophical concepts weave together the creative process and the act of listening.

The intro/outro music is The Liquid Casket by Lawrence English

Check out Lawrence at lawrenceenglish.com and his record label ROOM40.



Raghu Markus

Apr 25, 2016

I’m joined by Raghu Markus on Hanumanh Jayanti, where we talk about the path of awareness, spiritual materialism, and experiences with his guru Neem Karoli Baba.

The intro/outro music is Indian Hump by Madlib

All things Raghu and Ram Dass are at https://www.ramdass.org



Daniele Bolelli

Apr 17, 2016

The middle finger of the gods, Daniele Bolelli joins me on The Astral Hustle. We talk about being authentic, unifying all of the pieces of the internal self, and finding happiness through letting go.

The intro/outro music is Starlight by Oh No

Check out Daniele



Peter Falker + Jason Hollander [Meditate This!]

Apr 11, 2016

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, I’m joined by Pete and Jay from the Meditate This! podcast. We begin by talking about how they started their mindfulness podcast and end by describing how to release to a state of energetic non-duality.

The intro/outro music is You Are My Witness by Black Hippies

Check Pete + Jay's podcast here: Meditate This!



Hamilton Souther

Apr 4, 2016

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, I’m joined by master shaman, Blue Morpho founder, and dear friend Hamilton Souther. As usual, our conversation takes a kaleidoscopic shape as we talk about consciousness, our place in the universe, and the human’s internal matrix, all while eviscerating the esoterica and posturing of the modern path of awakening. 

The intro/outro music is Kelen Ati Len by Orchestre Du Bawobab


aubrey marcus

Aubrey Marcus

Mar 27, 2016

On this episode of the Astral Hustle, I’m joined by human optimizer, consciousness conquistador, Onnit founder/CEO, and dear homie Aubrey Marcus. We power through the giddiness that overcomes us when we hang and talk about Aubrey’s recent attempt to change where his drive comes from, the profane and profound duality of our minds, the absurdity of cultural death rituals, and much more.

The intro/outro music is Ghost by With You feat. Vince Staples



Symbols of the Subconscious

Mar 14, 2016

On this episode of the Astral Hustle, Cory talks about SXSW, tracking the projections of your mind to access your subconscious, something amazing that he can’t tell you anything about, and how to make a perfect Old Fashioned.

The intro/outro music is Heart Don’t Stand a Chance by Anderson .Paak



Look Into Your Own Eyes To See Other Dimensions

Feb 26, 2016

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about our universe being a fractal, the amount of fluids the sick humans of humanity generate worldwide, and self-hypnosis through mirror gazing.

The intro/outro music is (My Funk Goes) On & On by Dam-Funk



Be What You Are

Jan 26, 2016

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about humans being a drop of meatwater which dries out as it ages, taking a selfie with a cannibal tribe, and being authentic by releasing your self illusion. 

The intro/outro music is Mutescreamer (El-P Remix) by Beans



What is a Human?

Jan 13, 2016

On this episode of the Astral Hustle, Cory talks about being stuck in a human body, how strange it is to exist on Earth, and the time he forgot about his hands for a few hours. 

The intro/outro music is Nao Tem Nada Nao part 1 +2 by Marcos Valle



Observing Your Thoughts

Jan 4, 2016

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about slipping through time into the new year and various ways to observe your thoughts in order to gain better control of your consciousness.

The intro/outro music is Better Change Your Mind by William Onyeabor



Infinity In A Grain Of Sand

Dec 30, 2015

On this episode of the Astral Hustle, Cory talks about what outer space would be like if the temperature of the sun and dark matter were switched, seeing infinity in a grain of sand, and using creative perspectives to see multiple angles of reality.

The intro/outro music is Adam Nana (Medley) by K. Frimpong



Guided Meditation with Binaural Beats

Dec 21, 2015

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory leads a guided meditation accompanied by binaural beats to help you stay calm, grounded and well tuned for the holidays.  



Derek Walmsley [The Wire Magazine]

Dec 14, 2015

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, I'm joined by Derek Walmsley, editor of The Wire Magazine. We talk about music journalism, our love for records and what goes on behind the doors of The Wire when they're putting together a new issue.

Follow Derek: @derekwalmsley
Check out The Wire Magazine

The intro/outro music is Rasta Determination by Trinity



Consciousness Cryptomnesia

Dec 7, 2015

In this episode of the Astral Hustle, Cory talks about waking up and realizing your consciousness oozed out of your body during the night. He then talks about flow state as a form of enlightenment and subjective perception being like bad movie computer graphics. Finally, Cory answers a listener question about deja vu in which he suggests our sense of 'I' is nothing more than a wicked case of cryptomnesia. 

The intro/outro music is The Gash by The Flaming Lips



Andrew M. McKenzie [The Hafler Trio]

Nov 30, 2015

On this episode of The Astral Hustle, I'm joined for a conversation about all things esoteric by Andrew McKenzie, a Scottish born hypnotist, psychotherapist, teacher, lecturer and artist. In his conceptual art as The Hafler Trio, Andrew has collaborated with artists such as Jonsi Birgisson (Sigur Ros), Michael Gira (Swans), Blixa Bargeld (Einstürzende Neubauten), Current 93, Nurse With Wound, Genesis P-Orridge, Autechre, Jóhann Jóhannsson and many others. 

The intro/outro music is Huit Octobre 1971 by Cortex




Nov 23, 2015

On this special episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory announces that the binaural beats project he has been working on with Aubrey Marcus is here!

Cory then takes us through a detailed description of what binaural beats are, the unique process and approach he used to create these, and a track by track explanation of what's going on under the hood. 

You can check out the full project at our binaural beats page.



Jon Mueller

Nov 16, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, I’m joined by masterful drummer and percussionist Jon Mueller (Death Blues, Volcano Choir). We start off by talking about Jon’s work and some of the hard questions one encounters while traveling the creative path. We then move to talking about the act of living, what it could mean to be human, how and why humans resist and deal with death, and how to get out of the patterns of our daily lives in order to stay open.

The intro music is Consonance by Death Blues
The outro music is A Magnetic Center by Jon Mueller



John F Simon Jr

Nov 9, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle its my great pleasure to join in conversation with my friend John F Simon Jr. He is a visual artist and author with works in MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney, SF MoMA, LA MoA, and countless others. He also collaborated with Bjork on her Biophilia app. 

John is an artistic buddha, with a deep understanding of the creative process, what it means to be an artist, and how that connects with meditation and mindfulness. We talk about when we first met, the artistic path, and the many layers of the inward journey. 

The intro/outro music is Guinnevere from the Complete Bitches Brew Sessions by Miles Davis.



A Trip Down The Astral Plane

Nov 3, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory gives a brief overview of his early days of meditation and tapping into the astral world. 

The intro/outro music is Knock Knock by Madlib, MF Doom, Blu and Med



The Indulgence of Now

Oct 26, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about getting out of the cycle of desire, the indulgent beauty of the present moment, and appreciating life's downs as well as the ups. Cory also answers a listener's question in the new segment 'Questions from the Cosmos.' 

The intro/outro music is Let My People Go by Darondo



Mitch Schultz [DMT: The Spirit Molecule]

Oct 19, 2015

In this epic episode of The Astral Hustle, me and my friend Mitch Schultz [creator/director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule] talk about everything from reality time compression, to a web of conduits communicating psychic consciousness in an alternate yet simultaneous layer of the universe. 

The intro/outro music is I Love Acid by Luke Vibert



Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Oct 12, 2015

In this episode, Cory introduces the new segment ’Truth is Stranger Than Fiction’ and talks about trillions of neutrinos passing through your body every second. He then talks about over-juicing the intellectual fruit and polishing the spiritual brass.

The intro/outro music is Xica da Silva by Jorge Ben



SPECIAL: Guided Heart Opening Meditation with Binaural Beats

Oct 8, 2015

In this special bonus episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory leads us through a guided meditation which focuses on heart opening and releasing negative emotion. Its accompanied by a binaural beat which he composed specifically for this special episode.

Does drawing in white light through your spine and expelling negativity in the form of a giant flame that explodes from your heart sound good? Then this guided meditation is for you.   



Killing the Shadow Demon

Oct 5, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about releasing your fear by killing the shadow demon, neurological grids, how slippery the ego gets at the finer frequencies of consciousness, and the essence of the path. 

Intro/outro music is 2 The Head by Ant Banks, from the DJ Screw mixtape Wineberry Over Gold (51:20)


4 remember.jpg

Remember To See The Divinity

Sep 28, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about conceptualizing a multidimensional structure of reality so complex that his mind almost falls into an unknown abyss. He then talks about a repeated sentence in a dream which wakes him up and instructs him to 'remember to see the divinity' in all people and things.   

The intro/outro music is The Moving Finger by Dorothy Ashby 



Daniele Bolelli

Sep 21, 2015

The great Daniele Bolelli, writer, philosopher, martial artist, and drunken taoist, joins me on The Astral Hustle. We talk about the origin of consciousness and spirituality without bullshit. Check him out at danielebolelli.com and @dbolelli. This episode is sponsored by Punctum Records

The intro/outro music is Nètsanèt by Mulatu Astatke



Speaking From the Heart-Mind

Sep 14, 2015

In this episode, Cory talks about altering the tone of your perception, speaking from the Heart-Mind, trusting your intuition, honoring your most authentic self, and merging with cosmic oneness.  

Intro/outro music is 'Requiem Pour Un Con' by Serge Gainsbourg



Let's Dilate Our Energetic Receptacles

Sep 9, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory talks about chilling out so you can dilate your energetic receptacles, how your consciousness is a map of the universe, a person's atomic electromagnetic field being neutralized and more. The episode wraps with a guided visualization on how to get out of your body and observe your mind. 

Intro/outro song is 'Everybody Loves the Sunshine' by Roy Ayers



Answers To Unanswerable Philosophical Questions

Aug 31, 2015

In this episode of The Astral Hustle, Cory answers eight unanswerable philosophical questions impromptu. Why is there something instead of nothing? What are numbers? Cory answers these questions and suggests that someone should be eaten by a lion and a shark at the same time. 

Intro/outro music is 'Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho' by Kalyanji - Anandji



Spirit Sculptures Going Into Black Holes

Aug 23, 2015

In the first episode of 'The Astral Hustle', Cory introduces the podcast and talks about our spirits being sculptures, which leave our bodies, and attach to a larger sculpture in the cosmos. This massive sculpture made of trillions of spirits then rips through a black hole and into a fractal of space time. 

Intro/outro music is 'Que Beleza' by Tim Maia