Now Is the Way: An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness

The modern world has overwhelmed us. Anxiety rates are high and we’re more distracted than ever. We're suffering. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By learning how to control our minds, we can control our lives. In this book, I offer a fresh guide to mindfulness for you–a person living in the strange and beautiful times of today.

What makes this book unconventional? I’ve built a new bridge between knowing and doing. Now Is the Way will not only give you mental clarity, reduce your anxiety, help you find your purpose, and increases your focus. It will teach you how to stop reacting to your life and start living it. Right Now.




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• Bonus Meditation eBook Supplement | The Five Points of Peace
The Five Points of Peace is a 2500 word meditation supplement. It contains a system of powerful focusing tools to help take your meditation practice to the next level.

• Bonus Audiobook w/ Guided Meditations | The Five Points of Peace
A half hour audiobook version of The Five Points of Peace is included. This audio version contains five separate priming guided meditations which focus on the five themes of Compassion, Focus, Presence, Self-Healing, and Patience.

• Two Exclusive Binaural Beats | Audio for Meditation & Focus
You’ll receive two exclusive thirty minute binaural beats that are only available when ordering Now Is the Way. They’re superiorly deep.


Amazing People Saying Awesome Things About Now Is The Way


"This perfectly timed book is the antidote to our overwhelmed, distracted, and anxiety-ridden modern world. Cory directs us to the present moment with clarity and ease. Read this book and enjoy finding your bliss in the only place it resides…right now."

—Emily Fletcher, author of Stress Less, Accomplish More and founder of Ziva Meditation


“This honest, hilarious, kind, wise, and extremely readable guide to presence, to NOW, is priceless and may well be the most important book you own. It has been a daily companion, guiding me back to reality, to what’s actually happening, reeling me back to my breath, reminding me to relax, and making me laugh along the way.”

–Devendra Banhart, author of Weeping Gang Bliss Void Yab-Yum and Grammy nominated musician


“This might be the most important book you ever read.” 

—Aubrey Marcus, New York Times bestselling author of Own The Day, Own Your Life, founder of ONNIT


Cory will help you think, rethink your thinking, and then transcend your thinking."

—JP Sears, author of How to be Ultra Spiritual and YouTube Superstar


"Sometimes the modern world can feel overwhelming. Stress and depression run rampant even in the most affluent countries on earth. The good news is that Cory Allen is your new best friend for those times when anxiety has you by the throat. His superhero power is mindfulness. And his ability to break it down in an easily applicable way is second to none.”

—Daniele Bolelli, author of Not Afraid and host of the History on Fire podcast


“We live in a world driven by ego, distraction, and endless anxiety. Learning to untangle ourselves from it is the work of a lifetime, but Cory Allen gives us a surprisingly simple way to begin that process.”

—Damien EcholsNew York Times bestselling author of Life After Death


“The journey to Absolute Now is a lifelong calling demanding great courage and persistence. So, understandably, one might need some inspiration. Hopefully Now is the Way will motivate you to stay the course.”

—Shinzen Young, author of The Science of Enlightenment

"An insightful debut...Allen’s work represents an impressively comprehensive look at current research and trends in the mindfulness movement. Anyone looking for a practical, no-frills introduction to meditation and its potential benefits will readily benefit from Allen’s affable and upbeat style."

Publishers Weekly, starred review


 10 Surprisingly Profound Skills This Book Will Teach You


1.  Why your brain is wired to get distracted and how to control your focus.

2.  How to turn down your anxiety knob and let go of negative thoughts.

3.  Techniques to keep yourself in a positive mindset and not get overwhelmed.

4.  How to break free from thought loops so you don’t get stuck in your head.

5.  Ways to use your life experience to author your future.

6.  How to create daily habits that set you up for success.

7.  Exercises to increase your awareness and clarify your thinking.

8.  A simple approach to meditation (that you can actually stick with).

9.  How to feel gratitude every morning for the life you’re living right now.

10. Why it’s crucial to spend time with the right people and who they are.