Meditation AMA + What is Normal?

Photo by  Alex Gallegos

Photo by Alex Gallegos

I recently released an episode called Meditation AMA Part 1 in which I answered listener questions about meditation. The episode had a healthy response and everyone wanted more. So, here is Part 2 where I address the following: 

• Can I meditate less since I’ve started feeling the benefits in my daily life? 
• How do you get yourself in the mindset to meditate? 
• When and where should I meditate? 

This episode comes with an important bonus question. It was submitted as a meditation question, but ended up being much larger and turning into its own mini-hustle. The question was:

• How do we make decisions based on the cultural representation of normal? 

This is something every self-aware human critter struggles with. I had a great time unpacking it and feel that I gave a valuable take on it.

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