Binaural Beats for Meditation…The Making of

It's a great day! The binaural beats I made for getting into a meditative mindset are now available. I've been working on these for a minute and feel they're the deepest binaural beats I've ever made. In this episode, I go over some binaural beats science, play samples of the new tracks and share insights on their functionality. 


Protect Ya Neck

It’s common for greater compassion and empathy to arise as you develop your self-awareness and presence of mind. This is good, because it allows you to show others more compassion. But! This is a slippery slope, because everyone is suffering. If you don’t protect ya neck, you’ll find yourself giving away too much.


Essence, man.

How do we find meaning in life? This is a question I get all the time. I give my answer, which tackles the problem with a proactive solution. I also share a thought experiment that explores how we are hypnotized by the illusion of value. This one is a dive into the center of the philosophical whirlpool my friends!


Until The Peace Comes

People often ask me how long they should meditate. So here’s my answer! (Even though the title is a bit of a spoiler). I also drop an extremely useful ‘catch and release’ method for dealing with negative emotions. These few minutes contain tools that might be total game changers for you. 


How To Find Your Next Step

Hello, my dear Astralites! (((Astralitesss))) Welcome to the first mini-episode. I’m going to start dropping one or two of these during the week. They are going to be short freestyles on various thoughts or questions that you send me. Which by the way, you can do that by hitting me up on social media.

First up, in what was supposed to be 5-10 mins (of course it turned out to be almost 30) I talk about how to identify the next step you’re looking for and how to take it. Make sure to share this episode with a friend that might also benefit from the message!