The Source

The Source is a work of psychedelic minimalism. This album merges avant-garde composition, free jazz drums, and eastern mysticism. Over the course of this record, music shifts from lush string sections and gongs, to passionate free drumming and Rhodes piano, to the meditative drones of Hammond organ, tanpura, and harmonium.

The first 100 copies vinyl copies are clear green vinyl. The rest of the edition is available as black vinyl. This album is also available as a CD digipak and on iTunes.



Pearls is an album length minimal ambient composition in four parts. Patient textures and evolving melodies create a meditative musical space that suspends time.

100 copies pressed on white vinyl. 400 copies pressed on black vinyl. Each piece is machine numbered on the back cover. Listen on iTunes.

"An album so perfect that it has become and artistic engineering achievement. If you are after perfectly crafted experimental music, look no further." -Was Ist Das  


The Great Order

The Great Order is a musical representation of the self-organizing structure of nature. The work consists of two long-form acoustic ensemble drone pieces. The instrumentation features piano, bowed classical guitar, bowed / struck vibraphone, cello, and double bass.

The entire edition was pressed on milky-clear vinyl. Listen on iTunes.

"Few in this musical field have stated their intentions as clearly and produced such elegant results as Allen does here." - The Wire Magazine


The Seeker and the Healer

TSATH is a collaborative work with Duane Pitre. The two side-long compositions were developed from improvisational sessions governed by predetermined rules. Piano, bowed guitar, harmonium, and a 49-stringed drone harp created the session sounds that were later sewn together in the studio.

The entire edition is pressed on black vinyl.